Truly a 3M™ Product

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What makes Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ window film really a 3M™ technology? Is it the superior adhesive unmatched in the industry? Or perhaps the clarity and consistent quality of the film? Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ window films are truly 3M™ products because they are based on five core technologies that have been the cornerstones of 3M™’s success in many diverse global markets. These five technologies lie at the heart of 3M™, and allow it to develop, manufacture, and provide, what it believes are the best products on the market.

Polyester Film Technology

3M™ is one of the Top Five polyester film manufacturers in the U.S., a credential of which many are unaware. 3M™ is the only window film manufacturer to manufacture its own polyesters. In addition to window films, this core technology is used to make 3M™ videocassettes, many Scotch™ brand polyester-backed tapes, and Scotchpak™ pouches and bags.

Metallization Technology

The second key technology that yields the high performance of Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ window films is metallization. 3M™ metallizes by vapor coating, sputter coating, and E-Beam coating. All three of these technologies are used to produce not only Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ window films, but many other 3M™ products such as: Scotchlite™ brand reflective films for traffic signs; Sasheen™ brand decorative ribbons; and Scotchflex™ brand electrical connectors.

Adhesive Technology

3M™ has been developing adhesives for over seventy-five years and is a world leader in adhesive technology. Evidence of this technical leadership can be seen in 3M™ Post-it™ Notes, Scotch™ brand magic tapes, 3M™ Super 77 aerosol adhesive, and of course, 3M™ window films. In fact, 3M™ is the only window film manufacturer to manufacture its own adhesives specifically designed for window film.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion resistance is the fourth key technology of 3M™ window films and has stemmed from 3M™’s expertise in abrasive materials such as 3M™ sandpaper and Scotch-Brite™ scouring pads. This understanding of how materials can be abraded has moved 3M™ into a global position of leadership in protecting surfaces from abrasion.

Thin Coating Technology

Combining all of the above components into one window film requires the ability to apply very thin optically clear coatings made of a variety of chemicals. Examples of 3M™’s ability to coat very thin solutions are 3M™ photographic and x-ray films. This 3M™ expertise has given Scotchtint™ and Scotchshield™ films superior industry performance.