Window Film for Homeowners

3M™ residential window films provide provide homeowners with multiple benefits, from increased temperature control to UV protection for furnishings, floors, and artwork.

Is your home stifling hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter? Are you concerned that your beautiful large windows may make your home a target for break-in attempts or smash-and-grab crime? If you are dealing with these and other problems associated with your windows, it may be time to consider window film.

Common Concerns of Homeowners

Light affects art and furniture in two main ways: by fading colors and by weakening and discoloring materials. Over time, sun damage is cumulative and unfortunately, irreversible. 3M™ window films effectively control the negative effects of sunlight, by addressing all three elements of the light spectrum: ultra-violet, visible light and infrared (or solar heat.)
Glare & Overheating
All light creates heat. 3M™ window films can cut heat gain by up to 77%, depending on the film used and the type of glass being treated. 3M™ selective wavelength films such as the Prestige™ series focus on filtering infrared light which humans experience as heat.

As we age our ability to handle glare decreases. Now that modern technology has brought many types of screens backlit by artificial light into our homes, glare control is even more important. 3M™ window film can cut up to 80% of the glare depending on the film chosen.
Safety & Security
For our clients with homes in areas prone to natural disasters, severe storms, hurricanes, or crime, 3M™ films may be your ideal solution. These films are designed to hold together when the window glass is shattered, reducing the risk of injury from flying glass shards and debris. They also make it more difficult to break a window, reducing the likelihood that a smash-and-grab criminal will be able to get inside.

Ready to experience the comfort of window film?

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