Window Film for Design Professionals

3M™ window films provide design professionals with a suite of product options designed to enhance your design's aesthetics and functionality.

When it comes to buildings, windows are crucial design elements. They provide natural light, fresh air and stunning views of the outdoors. When it comes time to sell, they are also an influential aesthetic feature. However, great windows also come with some challenges. Windows can negatively impact energy efficiency, cause discomfort due to glare and temperature fluctuations, reduce privacy and create a security weak point.

Our 3M™ products are designed to address these problems. By applying 3M™ window film to your building, you can:

  • Reduce heating and air-conditioning expenses
  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Reduce fabric and furniture fade due to UV light
  • Reduce glare by redirecting sunlight
  • Increase personal safety from flying glass shards
  • Reduce smash and grab crime
  • Enhance privacy for glass-walled rooms and offices
  • Reduce graffiti abatement expenses

Top Concerns of Design Professionals

Product Knowledge
Sun-Lite has worked for over 25 years with design professionals. We can help you make good decisions with projects geared towards a number of goals ranging from building modernization, avoiding glass breakage, tenant comfort and energy saving.

Our team of experts is ready to help you select the window film to meet your design needs.

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