Window Film for Commercial Property Managers

3M™ window films provide commercial property owners and managers with a host benefits, including energy savings, improved tenant comfort, enhanced privacy, and reinforced security.
While windows provide natural light for your office or commercial space, they can also cause uncomfortable hotspots and glare. Along those lines, windows present a challenge when it comes to temperature control, which can result in huge heating and air conditioning costs. Additional problems for commercial spaces with windows are smash-and-grab crime and vandalism. Finally, glass-walled offices and meeting rooms are beautiful modern design elements, but they can create problems when it comes to privacy. Sun-Lite offers a variety of window film solutions to address each of these challenges.

Common Concerns of Commercial Building Managers

⇒Occupant Comfort
Humidity and solar heat both can cause discomfort, but psychologically sunlight has very positive effects on us. Different people are comfortable in rooms with varying amounts of sunlight; our staff are able to help select a film that meets your tenants' needs.
⇒Energy Savings
Reducing cooling load reduces energy use. Sun-lite staff can use the e-film modeling program to prepare an audit, estimating the potential energy savings from applying film in commercial buildings. There are also certain tax credits and PECO rebates available to people using window film, especially in commercial applications.
⇒Safety and Security
These tough, transparent, blast-resistant films are designed to hold shattered glass together, providing the ideal solution for any safety and security concerns.

Different Buildings Have Different Needs

Hospitals don’t have the luxury of closing for renovations. They require quick solutions that don’t limit access to beds. Window film can offer clear improvements to patient comfort as well as addressing aesthetic concerns. We can increase patient access to daylight while dramatically reducing glare.
Universities have a whole range of building types. They must comply with changing institutional mandates and goals regarding energy efficiency, and often only can complete renovations during the summer. We are able to help select and install film that addresses these needs in a timely manner.
Office buildings are concerned with issues like addressing tenant complaints and occupant retention. It's important for property managers of office buildings to be able to modernize these buildings without impacting the existing tenants. Window Film is a cost-effective and relatively quick way to address these concerns.
Schools have to protect the privacy of children, whilst retaining the ability to see outside. They have concerns regarding student safety and security, as well as light and heat management and minimizing energy costs. Window film has real solutions to all of these considerations.
Retail spaces have a need to maintain a view into the store display. Other retail projects can use film in the opposite way to obscure visibility of merchandise. Retail locations also have concerns surrounding glare for cashiers. Big box stores (with two stories worth of glass in the front and no additional windows) can use Daylight Redirecting film to push the light towards the back of the store. An issue specific to retail locations is the people who experience these problems aren't often the ones who decide on solutions. Sun-Lite can work with regional managers to create a consistent and replicable solution that creates a standard for multiple locations of the establishment.
The government has rules about energy conservation as well as safety and security that building managers are responsible for compliance with. There is an added responsibility of compliance with federal, statewide and city specific mandates. We have the knowledge to help buildings meet these standards.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of commercial window film?

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