Window Film for Commercial Property Managers

3M™ window films provide commercial property owners and managers with a host benefits, including energy savings, improved tenant comfort, enhanced privacy, and reinforced security.

While windows provide natural light for your office or commercial space, they can also cause uncomfortable hotspots and glare. Along those lines, windows present a challenge when it comes to temperature control, which can result in huge heating and air conditioning costs. Additional problems for commercial spaces with windows are smash-and-grab crime and vandalism. Finally, glass-walled offices and meeting rooms are beautiful modern design elements, but they can create problems when it comes to privacy. Sun-Lite offers a variety of window film solutions to address each of these challenges.

Common Concerns of Commercial Building Managers

Tenant Comfort
Humidity and solar heat both can cause discomfort, but psychologically sunlight has very positive effects on us. Different people are comfortable in rooms with varying amounts of sunlight; our staff are able to help select a film that meets your tenants' needs.
Energy Savings
Reducing cooling load reduces energy use. Sun-lite staff can use the e-film modeling program to prepare an audit, estimating the potential energy savings from applying film in commercial buildings. There are also certain tax credits and PECO rebates available to people using window film, especially in commercial applications.
Safety and Security
These tough, transparent, blast-resistant films are designed to hold shattered glass together, providing the ideal solution for any safety and security concerns.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of commercial window film?

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