Let the Light In.

As a 3M™-authorized installer of 3M™ Prestige Window Films and other window shading devices, Sun-Lite carries a full suite of 3M™ products, representing the best window film solutions on the market today. Whatever problem you may be contending with, we have your window film solution.

3M™ Window Films

Window film is a thin laminate film, generally installed on the interior of the window; to improve the performance or appearance of existing glass. 3M™  window films vary in color (from clear to silver) and reflectivity (from no reflectivity to high reflectivity).

3M™ window films are maintenance-free and can be applied to regular and tinted / Low-E glass. All 3M™ window films are warranted against product failure by the 3M Company for both labor and material.

We  provide  window  tinting  services  and  products  to  building  owners  and  managers  in  order  to:

  • improve comfort
  • control heat,  glare  and  energy  costs 
  • enhance privacy  and  aesthetics 
  • protect art  and  fine  furnishings  from  sun  damage,  and
  • upgrade the  safety  and  security  of  glass
  • resist graffiti and acid etching of glass

3M™ Quality Promise

3M™ has invested millions of dollars in window film research and development. And today, millions of square feet of 3M™ window film have been installed throughout the world. As a result, 3M™ window films have a comprehensive warranty that covers material and labor (removal and reapplication) and protects against:

  • Blistering
  • Bubbling
  • Cracking
  • Crazing
  • Delamination
  • Discoloration / Purpling
  • Peeling
  • Glass Breakage
  • Seal Failure

Any and all defects are warranted by the 3M Company.

3M™ Film Families

Why we use 3M™ Window Films

At Sun-Lite Corporation, we know the importance of quality. That’s why we use 3M™ window films for all of our installations. In 1966, 3M™ invented window film after receiving the very first window film patent. Since then, many film technologies have been patented by 3M™. The 3M™ Company is the only window film manufacturer to manufacture its own polyesters and adhesives. Innovations including films with insulation properties, and films for plastic glazing, have made 3M™ the technology leader in the commercial, government, residential, and automotive markets. While this past R&D work has fueled its position for today's market, 3M™ is busy engineering the films of tomorrow.

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