Window Film for Conservators, Curators & Collectors

3M™ window films provide protection against the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays, so you can rest assured that your artwork, flooring, drapes, and furniture will be preserved.

Priceless artwork, rugs, photographs and furnishings all need protection from the sun. Over time sun damage is cumulative and unfortunately, irreversible.

To minimize damage you will need to reduce light levels, length of exposure time or both.

Top Concerns for Art Conservators

Art Preservation
The first step in protecting valuables is to understand how the sun’s energy causes damage to these pieces. Light affects art and other materials in two main ways. It fades colors and it weakens and discolors materials.
We have worked for many years with conservation employees and other staff at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to preserve the artwork there. We are experienced at selecting the right window film to protect irreplaceable treasures.
Light Management
Deciding how much protection is enough protection requires balancing the desire for natural light with the potential damage sunlight causes. We can help prolong the life of your valuables without sacrificing natural light.

Protect priceless artwork and furnishings from the sun's UV rays.

Sun-Lite’s trained staff can help you choose the right window film to balance the desire for natural light with prudent conservation.