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With Safety & Security Film, you can rest assured that your windows will hold up and hold together in the event of impact.


Safety & Security Window Films

In the event of a nearby explosion, a building's Achilles heel is typically its glazed surfaces. Shattered into razor sharp fragments and propelled at high speeds, glass can cause severe injury to a building's occupants. In addition, shattered glazing allows blast over-pressure to enter the building. This, too, poses a serious threat to the safety of those inside and outside.

Extensive testing has proven that the threat of injury due to flying glass can be greatly reduced by the use of 3M™ Scotchshield™ Ultra Safety & Security window films. These tough, transparent, blast-resistant films consist of multiple, microthin polyester layers that work to hold shattered glazing together. Consequently, there are fewer fragments and debris capable of inflicting harm. Clear Scotchshield™ films are the perfect solution to a retailer or homeowner seeking protection without sacrificing visibility.

Safety & security window film products include:

3M™ Ultra Series
Ultra Clear
Ultra Prestige
Ultra NightVision
3M™ Safety Series
Attachment Systems
Impact Performance Adhesive (IPA) AKA Wet Glaze
Impact Performance Profile

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