About Sun-Lite Corp

Sun-Lite is a 3M-authorized installer of 3M Prestige Window Films and other window shading devices. Sun-Lite is also a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Key customers and accounts include the Philadelphia Museum of Art, First Union Bank, Ace Insurance, Lockheed Martin, University of Pennsylvania, William Green Federal Building, Wendy’s International and private homes throughout the region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our customers more comfortable and their buildings more durable, efficient, safe and secure; to do the right thing by our customers, employees, suppliers, community and environment. and to have fun, spread joy and build value for everyone who buys from, works for and sells to us.

Our Core Values

  • Honor our commitments.

  • Take care of our mental and physical health and that of our customers.

  • Respect our customer’s privacy and belongings.

  • Acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

  • Value the time, effort and uniqueness of ourselves and others.


Our Approach

We judge our success by how well we create value for our customers, employees, suppliers, community and environment.

Technical Expertise:
Sun-Lite was founded with a focus on energy conservation, and over the years has deepened and expanded this expertise to include other aspects of glass coating and tinting.
Sun-Lite cares deeply about human comfort, design, building efficiency and durability.

Sun-Lite approaches window film and its application from three unique perspectives:
Energy Conservation: Sustainability and energy efficiency are at the heart of what Sun-Lite does.
Art Preservation: We have worked for many years with conservation employees and other staff at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to preserve the artwork there. We are experienced at selecting the right window film to protect irreplaceable treasures.
Design: Sun-Lite has worked for over 25 years with design professionals. We place a high value on flow and aesthetics.


Our Services

  • Audits

  • Consulting

  • E-Film

  • Installation

  • Estimates (For GCs)


Joan E. Schiff is President and sole shareholder of the company. Ms. Schiff co-founded Sun-Lite Corporation in 1985 and has been President since 1990. Prior to working for Sun-Lite, Schiff was Executive Director of GRASP, a nonprofit energy research and training organization. Schiff’s other work experience includes nonprofit management, energy research and training, solar design and housing renovation. Active in community and professional issues, Ms. Schiff is the recording secretary of the Philadelphia Chapter of the International Furnishing and Design Association (IFDA) and has served on both local and national nonprofit boards. Ms. Schiff holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.